Short and Sweet Guide to our Opal Collection

Black Blue White Australian Opal Necklaces

Opals - these iridescent stones have been used throughout the ages, with its fiery flash of colors giving it the nickname "Queen of Gems".  It's ability to reflect light made people believe that the stone was a symbol of karma in that what you put out into the world is reflected back at you.  Opals can come in a multitude of colors and opacities.  We've listed the main versions that we have in our collection down below!

  • Australian OpalsFirst discovered in 1956, these opals have only increased in popularity throughout the years.  They are known for their range in color from white opals to black opals (typically more of a blue-purple color).   South Australia is host to the majority of the continent's opals with everything from opaque opals to gem-quality opals as well as boulder opals.
large Australian opal necklaceBlack and White Australian Opal Heishi Choker Necklace
  • Ethiopian Opals These opals come from the Wollo province in Ethiopia, and were first mined in 2008.  Opals were originally discovered in Ethiopia in 1994, but were mostly too fragile to use.
White Ethiopian Opal Statement Necklace Fine Jewelry
Vintage Ruby Ethiopian Opal Statement Earrings Studs
Hot Pink Treated Ethiopian Opals with Moonstone Choker NecklaceBlue Green Ocean Ethiopian Opal Necklace Choker

  • Peruvian Opals:  This stone is the national stone of Peru, and can only be found in the Andes mountains.  They range in color from a pale blue-green hue to a pale pink.  They are an opaque stone and lack the fire that many opals have

pink Peruvian Andean Opals Herkimer Diamond NecklacePink Peruvian Opal Horse Hair Tassel NecklacePeruvian Opal Mermaid Scrimshaw Pendant Necklace Miller Mae DesignsPeruvian Green Opal Pave Real Diamond Art Deco Stretch Bracelet Miller Mae Designs


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