Sizing Details

In many cases we can lengthen and/or shorten a necklace for you should you need it - please message us!


Care Instructions

Each order comes with a care card that reads as follows:

Please take care to remove jewelry when applying lotions, makeup, and perfumes. Do not get jewelry wet (no swimming, showers or exercising) as it could affect the longevity of the metal and/or gemstones. All jewelry should be stored in a jewelry box or other closed container in a non-humid area and not in direct sunlight.

As these handmade pieces are delicate, please handle with care avoiding tugging, pulling, dropping, or scratching the jewelry. Jewelry should be the last item you put on, and the first you take off when dressing.


Gift Wrapping and Packaging

Every order is shipped in a jewelry box. If you have a message you would like to include, make sure to fill out the gift message box at checkout!


What is 14k Gold Filled?

Many of our necklaces use either 14k gold or 14k gold filled components. Gold filled is a process where solid gold is electro-bonded to either sterling silver or a base metal. The solid gold layer is also about twice as thick as it is on gold plated jewelry. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Are our ancient coins real, and where do we source our ancient coins?

All of our Ancient coins are genuine ancient coins that were created during the dates mentioned in the listing description. We source our coins from a variety of long-established numismatic companies which have numismatists on staff. We also have an in-house numismatist who double checks every coin that comes into our studio. That way you are getting coins that have been examined several times for their authenticity before they reach you. Every coin necklace order comes with a certificate of authenticity.