Ruby, Blue & Orange Sapphire, & Emerald Necklace

Ruby, Blue & Orange Sapphire, & Emerald Necklace


* Necklace Length: 16 inches
* Red/Pink Rubies, Blue & Orange Sapphires, and Green Emeralds: approximately 3mm
* 14k Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp
* 14k Gold Filled Beads

RUBIES are a precious gemstone, and are symbolic of vitality, prosperity, and courage.

SAPPHIRES are a stone steeped in history and appear in the lore of most cultures and religions. The stone is said to be a Stone of Wisdom and signifier of royalty for millennia. Blue sapphires in particular stand for wisdom, order, structure, and self-discipline. Orange sapphires stand for success and the generation of good ideas.

EMERALDS are one of the four "precious" gemstones (along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires), and are the green version of the Beryl family of gemstones (morganite, aquamarine, etc.). They have been documented as being used as far back as approximately 4000 BC in Babylon. Emeralds were worshipped by the Incas, and in prominent use throughout Ancient Egypt, by Alexander the Great, Aristotle, and the moguls of India.