Rainbow Natural Sapphire Strand Necklace

Rainbow Natural Sapphire Strand Necklace


For a truly elegant pop of color, this necklace carries the entire spectrum of colors that natural sapphires can be. These truly sparkling stones carry an elegance that spans all of the colors in the rainbow (and then some)! This necklace brings a bright statement that allows you to bring true luxury into your everyday wardrobe.

* Necklace Length: 32 inches
* 14k Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp
* 14k Gold Filled Accent Beads
* White Rainbow Moonstone Accents

Sapphires are a stone steeped in history and appear in the lore of most cultures and religions. The stone is said to be a Stone of Wisdom and signifier of royalty for millennia. (color specifics below)

- Blue: general wisdom, order, structure, and self-discipline
- Yellow: wisdom and prosperity
- Green: wisdom of fidelity and integrity
- Pink: wisdom of resilience
- Orange: creativity, talisman for artists, writers, and singers
- Black: wisdom of confidence in yourself
- Purple: wisdom of spiritual awakening