Morganite and Aquamarine Beryl Strand Necklace


* Necklace Length: 17.5 inches
* Beryl (Aquamarine and Morganite) approximately 8x9mm
* 14k Vermeil Accent Beads
* 14k Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp

AQUAMARINE is the blue version of Beryl (also containing Morganite, Emeralds, etc.). It was believed to be the treasure of mermaids as well as symbolic of eternal youth and happiness. It was used as good luck talismans for travelers and sailors.

MORGANITE was discovered in California and Madagascar in the early 1900s. Due to its pale pink hue, Morganite is associated with innocence and sweetness in love. It is said to be aligned with the heart chakra and to bring healing, compassion and promise to those who wear it.