Hand-Knotted Pavé Diamond & Grandidierite Strand Necklace


* Necklace Length: 32.5 inches (16.25 inches doubled)
* Sterling Silver Diamond Clasp
* Faceted Grandidierite Gemstones
* Hand-Knotted

GRANDIDIERITE: First discovered in Madagascar in 1902, grandidierite is a very rare gemstone known for its beautiful blue-green sea foamy color. It is a relatively newly discovered gemstone; and is routinely seen as one of the top ten rarest gemstones for jeweler's quality cabochons.

DIAMONDS: known as the "stone of invincibility" (due to its hardness as a stone), diamonds are symbols of victory and the superior strength (physical, emotional, mental) of the wearer. Diamonds have also been referred to as the "king of gems", being the hardest known natural substance as well as its superior light reflective abilities.