Diamond & Emerald Lucky Coin Pendant on Arizona Kingman Turquoise & Oyster Shell Necklace

Diamond & Emerald Lucky Coin Pendant on Arizona Kingman Turquoise & Oy


* Stones: Natural Arizona Kingman Turquoise Fused with Spiny Oyster Shells from Baja, Mexico
* Pendant: Real Diamond & Emerald Center Stone 24k over Sterling Silver Coin Pendant
* Clasp: Real Pavé Diamond 24k Gold over Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp
* Necklace Length: 16 inches
* Pendant Drop: 1.5 inches
* Pendant Width: 1 inch

These beads combine natural Kingman turquoise from the Kingman mine in Arizona and compress it with beautiful orange and white spiny oyster shells collected in Baja, Mexico; using Bronze as an adhesive agent, giving the stones soft metallic lines that creates the image of a bright, summery mosaic.

TURQUOISE got its name from early trade routes - Europeans ended up getting the stone from the Turkish bazaars. Turquoise has been a prominent stone throughout most cultures for thousands of years. It is seen as a symbol of wisdom and nobility.

KINGMAN: The Kingman Turquoise Mine is one of (if not the) oldest and highest producing mine in Arizona. It is famous for both its sky blue turquoise on one side of the mine and its green turquoise on the other side (via Turquoise Mountain). Its sky blue variant is the most expensive and sought after turquoise specimen, and the greener variant rivals Sleeping Beauty in value and demand.

EMERALDS are one of the four "precious" gemstones (along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires), have been documented as being used as far back as approximately 4000 BC in Babylon. Emeralds were worshipped by the Incas, and in prominent use throughout Ancient Egypt, by Alexander the Great, Aristotle, and the moguls of India.

DIAMONDS are the toughest gem in the world, and can be found in 6 of the 7 continents across the world (sorry Antartica). Diamonds symbolize light as when its colorless facets catch the sun, they display the entire color spectrum.