Black Spinel & Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace

Black Spinel & Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace

$206.50 $295.00

This necklace features a truly classic elegance with faceted bi-cone spinel centered with dreamy sky blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones. The necklace's elegant feel with a bright color palette makes it the perfect choice for a dash of heightened style every day!

  • Necklace Length: 19 inches 
  • 14k Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp 
  • Faceted Black Spinel 
  • Smooth Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 

SPINEL is the oldest gemstone formed on Earth. It comes in a rainbow of hues (many famous "rubies" from history, were in fact spinel). Most of spinel is natural found in Asia, and in Burma natural crystals were so perfect that it was claimed they were formed by the gods.

TURQUOISE got its name from early trade routes - Europeans ended up getting the stone from the Turkish bazaars. Turquoise has been a prominent stone throughout most cultures for thousands of years. It is seen as a symbol of wisdom and nobility.

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Sleeping Beauty turquoise is known for its sky blue coloring with only moderate black veining up to no veining at all in finer specimens. It used to be found in a mine in Arizona that was called “sleeping beauty”, because the mine’s formation looked like a woman lying on her back with her arms crossed. It is the only mine that produces Sleeping Beauty turquoise, so natural turquoise of this form is very limited. It is still being mined today. Ninety percent of all Sleeping Beauty turquoise is stabilized due to the stone's soft nature.