Amethyst & Pavé Baguette Diamond Clasp Hand-Knotted Necklace


  • Necklace Length: 31 inches 
  • Sterling Silver Metal 
  • Diamond Weight: 3.08 carats 
  • Amethyst Weight: 475 carats 
  • Hand Knotted Necklace 

AMETHYST is supposedly a calming stone (great for aiding meditation); and in folklore is also know as the "Sobriety Stone". It also supposedly protects travelers and aids in overcoming personal loss.

DIAMONDS: known as the "stone of invincibility" (due to its hardness as a stone), diamonds are symbols of victory and the superior strength (physical, emotional, mental) of the wearer. Diamonds have also been referred to as the "king of gems", being the hardest known natural substance as well as its superior light reflective abilities.