Rainbow Multi-Gemstone Strand Necklace

Rainbow Multi-Gemstone Strand Necklace

$474.60 $678.00

  • 115 Carats of AAA Quality Tanzanite, Kyanite, Amethyst, Pink Sapphires, Mexican Fire Opals, Spessartite (orange-yellow color), Yellow Aquamarine, and Prehnite 
  • 14k Gold Filled Stardust Textured Spacer Beads
  • 14k Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp
  • 20.5 inches Long Necklace (52 cm)

TANZANITE's hue ranges from a sapphire blue to a deep violet; and it is said to be a very calming and soothing stone, great in aiding with more effective emotional communication.

KYANITE is one of two minerals on Earth that is said to not retain any negative energy (the other being citrine). It is most known for its rich blue shades as in this necklace.

AMETHYST is supposedly a calming stone (great for aiding meditation); and in folklore is also know as the "Sobriety Stone". It also supposedly protects travelers and aids in overcoming personal loss.

SAPPHIRES have historically symbolized nobility, truth, and sincerity; and has been a favorite of royalty for centuries. While, sapphires have historically been associated with the color blue, they come in a large variety of colors, including this lovely pink.

MEXICAN FIRE OPAL is a stone associated with luck, abundance, creativity, and passion. It's known for its fiery red, orange, and yellow hues; giving off the colors of a vivid sunset.

SPESSARTITE is orange to orange-red tones of garnets. Garnet gemstones were traditionally gifted to loved ones who were about to travel. They were also common gifts to small business owners, as they were believed to attract people to the wearer and aid in getting more customers.

AQUAMARINE is from the Beryl gemstone family (also containing Morganite, Emeralds, etc.). It was believed to be the treasure of mermaids as well as a symbol of eternal youth and happiness. It was used as good luck talismans for travelers and sailors.

PREHNITE is a green-yellow stone mainly found in South Africa. It has been used to signify memory/recollection as well as peace.