Diamond & Sapphire Blue Enamel Heart Charm on Blue Kyanite Bracelet

$195.00 $258.00

* Bracelet Length: 7 inches Long
* Charm Drop: 26mm
* Diamond Weight: 0.7 carats
* Pendant Metal: Gold Plating over Oxidized Sterling Silver
* Blue Enamel and Blue Sapphire Center Stone
* 9.5mm Blue Kyanite
* Elastic Thread

DIAMONDS: known as the "stone of invincibility" (due to its hardness as a stone), diamonds are symbols of victory and the superior strength (physical, emotional, mental) of the wearer. Diamonds have also been referred to as the "king of gems", being the hardest known natural substance as well as its superior light reflective abilities.

KYANITE is one of two minerals on Earth that is said to not retain any negative energy (the other being citrine). While kyanite can come in many different colors, it is most known for its rich blue shades as in this necklace.

SAPPHIRES are a stone steeped in history and appear in the lore of most cultures and religions. The stone is said to be a Stone of Wisdom and signifier of royalty for millennia. Blue sapphires in particular stand for wisdom, order, structure, and self-discipline.