24k Gold & Silver Theodosius I, Janus, and Athena Greek & Roman Replica Coin Necklace

24k Gold & Silver Theodosius I, Janus, and Athena Greek & Roman Replic


Charms are cast directly from a genuine version of the ancient coin in solid 925 sterling silver with 24k gold accents.  From around 171 B.C., this coin has made quite the journey to get here!  The coin rests on a 925 purity sterling silver rope chain perfect for everyday wear. 

  • Theodosius I, Janus, & Athena Coins Museum Quality Replication 
  • Gold Pendant Weight: 2.35 grams
  • 14k Gold Filled Chain
  • Necklace Length: 16 inches 
  • Total Charm Drop: 58mm (2.29 inches)
  • Coin Diameters: 18mm (0.71 inches); 16mm (0.63 inches); 10mm (0.39 inches)
  • Lobster Claw Clasp 

** PLEASE NOTE: This is the exact coin necklace you will receive! 

Theodosius I - The last Roman emperor to rule over both the East and Western parts of the empire.  He abolished slavery and developed the feudal system in Rome.  This coin is a commemorative issue of his arrival in Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) from 380 AD.

JANUS - The Roman god of beginnings, endings, doorways, and duality; Janus is portrayed as the old/young man look both into the future and the past.  This coin's origin is approximately 400 BC.  

ATHENA - The Greek goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, Athena was also known as the patron god of Athens.  Athenian coins were most popularly minted around 170 BC.