14k Gold Filled Genuine Ancient Widow's Mite Coin Necklace (103-73 B.C.)

14k Gold Filled Genuine Ancient Widow's Mite Coin Necklace (103-73 B.C


This delicate charm necklace features a genuine Widow's Mite coin from around 103-73 B.C. set with a solid 14k gold filled bezel setting (reversible).

The mite was the smallest bronze coin in Jewish currency and is mentioned several times throughout the Bible. The story of the Widow's Mite can be found at Mark 12:41-44. All Widow's Mites were used in Jerusalem, and at the Temple of Jerusalem until the Temple's destruction in 70 AD.

  • Extremely Well Preserved Widow's Mite Biblical/Jewish Coin - Jerusalem Mint
  • Front: Hellenist Version featuring 8 rayed star
  • Back: Anchor
  • Pendant Drop: 27.66mm (1.08 inch)
  • Pendant Width: 17.59mm (0.69 inches)
  • Necklace Length: Pendant Only, 16, and 18 inches
  • 14k Gold Filled Rope Chain & Spring Ring Clasp

** PLEASE NOTE: This is the exact coin you will receive! As all of these ancient coins were made by hand (and have aged about 2100 years), they all have unique shapes and printings; and are therefore one of a kind.

*** ALSO NOTE: Necklace comes with a card of authenticity and explanation of what the coin is.