14k Gold Diamond Hamsa Charm Grey Labradorite Beaded Bracelet

$295.00 $395.00

* Bracelet Length: 7 inches
* 14k Gold Diamond (double-sided) Hamsa Charm
* Total Charm Drop: 15mm long
* Labradorite: 8mm

The hamsa symbol has variations prevalent in all of the major religions, and is consistently referred to as a protector against negativity and negative energy.

DIAMONDS are the toughest gem in the world, and can be found in 6 of the 7 continents across the world (sorry Antartica). Many times referred to as the "King of Gems", diamonds symbolize light as when its colorless facets catch the sun, they display the entire color spectrum. Diamonds have also been know as a strong symbol of invincibility in the wearer.

LABRADORITE is said to be a "stone of magic" and to help the user in knowledge and guidance. Inuit lore believed labradorite to come from the aurora borealis but to the colorful blue fire in the gemstone.