14k Gold Diamond Evil Eye Charm on Ruby Bracelet

14k Gold Diamond Evil Eye Charm on Ruby Bracelet


* Bracelet Length: 7 inches (measure around wrist)
* Charm 14k Yellow Gold and Diamonds
* Natural Rubies
* Elastic Thread

The EVIL EYE is a symbol that has been used across the majority of cultures and religions across the world. To wear the charm is the give aid in repelling the evil eye (i.e. negative energy, sometimes stated as a curse). The symbol has dated back since before Plutarch in ancient Rome. The eye is typically worn/depicted by itself or within the Hamsa hand symbol.

RUBIES are a precious gemstone, and are symbolic of vitality, prosperity, and courage.

DIAMONDS are the toughest gem in the world, and can be found in 6 of the 7 continents across the world (sorry Antartica). Many times referred to as the "King of Gems", diamonds symbolize light as when its colorless facets catch the sun, they display the entire color spectrum. Diamonds have also been know as a strong symbol of invincibility in the wearer.