14k Gold AAA Quality Rutilated Aquamarine Necklace

14k Gold AAA Quality Rutilated Aquamarine Necklace


* Necklace Length: 16 inches
* Aquamarine Length Range: 19mm - 26.5mm
* 14k Gold Bead Accents (made in USA)
* 14k Gold Cantilever Clasp

AQUAMARINE is the blue version of Beryl (also containing Morganite, Emeralds, etc.). It was believed to be the treasure of mermaids as well as symbolic of eternal youth and happiness. It was used as good luck talismans for travelers and sailors.

"Rutilated" is the term for the rutile needles in the stones, giving it the beautiful black and brown-orange tones. This piece is a one of a kind necklace - we are only making one of them; and since the stones are completely natural, you will never find this exact color pattern anywhere else.

The 14k gold beads used in this necklace are made in America via a company that runs its entire facility/factory off of solar energy; eliminates toxic solvents from the cleaning process of metals; and uses thousands of pounds of recycled metal scraps and waste in creating their products.