Large Suede Tassel & Sodalite Necklace

Large Suede Tassel & Sodalite Necklace


Big, bold, and with a color palette it's hard not to love; this necklace features a black suede tassel with silver cap hanging from large sodalite stones that I hand-knotted with hematite for the ultimate natural statement necklace.

  • Necklace Length: 34 inches (86.4cm)
  • Tassel Drop: 5 inches (12.7cm)
  • Tassel Width: Approximately 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
  • Hand-Knotted (no clasp)

SODALITE is a stone said to aid in understanding truth and idealism.  It is said to bring inner peace to the wearer.  The majority of sodalite is mined in Brazil.

HEMATITE gets it's metallic sheen from its largely iron composition.  Its name comes from the latin phrase for "blood stone" as when found in nature, the stone is usually covered in rust.  It has been a popular decorative stone as far back as Ancient Rome.