14k Gold Filled Genuine Ancient Greek Coin Necklace (Zeus; 88-40 B.C.)


This delicate charm necklace features a genuine Ancient Greek Zeus coin from 88-40 B.C. set in a 14k gold filled setting (reversible).

ZEUS is the ruler of the gods in the Greek Pantheon atop Mount Olympus. He is the god of thunder, lightning, and sky. He was the son of the king and queen of the Titans.

ARTEMIS ANAÏTIS - This is a combination of the Greek goddess Artemis and the Persian goddess Anahita (Anaïtis is the Greek translation of the same word). Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and the moon. Anaïtis is the Indo-Iranian goddess of the waters, and is therefore associated with fertility, wisdom, and healing.

* Genuine Zeus Coin - Abbaitis, Phrygia Mint
* Front: Head of Zeus
* Back: cult statue of Artemis Anaïtis facing front
* Necklace Length: 16 or 18 inches (shown at 16 inches)
* Charm Drop: 33 mm/ 1.3 inches
* Charm Width: 22.3 mm/ 0.83 inches
* 14k Gold Filled Rope Chain, Bezel Setting, and Spring Ring Clasp

** PLEASE NOTE: This is the exact coin you will receive! As all of these ancient coins were made by hand (and have aged about 2,080 years), they all have unique shapes and printings; and are therefore one of a kind. I have included a link to the rest of our ancient coin necklaces below!

**ALSO NOTE: This coin will come with a certificate of authenticity.