24k Gold Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Necklace (Marcus Aurelius; 161-180 A.D.)

24k Gold Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Necklace (Marcus Aurelius; 161-180


This charm necklace features a genuine Roman Marcus Aurelius coin from 161-180 A.D. set with a four-prong 14k gold setting.

Marcus Aurelius - A stoic philosopher, Aurelius was one of the Five Good Emperors who ruled during the Pax Romana. His book, The Meditations of Stoicism, is still many times considered one of the greatest books of all time.

Honos - He was the Ancient Roman god of honor, and was usually connected with the goddess Virtus (virtue).

  • Marcus Aurelius Denarius Coin - Rome Mint
  • Front: Bare-Headed Bust of Marcus Aurelius
  • Back: Honos Standing, Holding Branch & Cornucopia
  • Pendant Drop: 28.69mm/1.13 inches 
  • Pendant Width: 19.13mm/0.75 inches
  • 14k Gold Wheat Chain Adjustable to 16, 17, and 18 inches

** PLEASE NOTE: This is the exact coin you will receive! As all of these ancient coins were made by hand (and have aged thousands of years), they all have unique shapes and printings; and are therefore one of a kind. I have included a link to the rest of our ancient coin necklaces below!

*** NOTE: Necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity.