14k Gold Genuine Ancient Greek Coin Necklace (Janus/Athena; 4th-3rd Centuries B.C.)

14k Gold Genuine Ancient Greek Coin Necklace (Janus/Athena; 4th-3rd Ce


This delicate charm necklace features a genuine Greek Janus silver denarius coin from 4th-3rd centuries B.C. set in a 14k gold bezel setting.

JANUS - The Roman god of beginnings, endings, doorways, and duality; Janus is portrayed traditionally as the old/young man look both into the future and the past. As he represents beginnings, Janus is represented by the month of January. Janiform heads have also been popularly shown as female heads as well as a version showcasing the faces of Zeus and Hera.

ATHENA was the patron goddess of Athens in Ancient Greece; and is known as the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategic Warfare. The obverse shows Athena herself, helmeted and facing right.

  • Genuine Ancient Greek Tetrobol Coin - Lampsakos, Mysia mint
  • Front: Female Janiform Heads 
  • Back: Helmeted Head of Athena
  • Charm Drop: 26.12mm/1.03 inches
  • Charm Width: 15.87mm/0.62 inches 
  • 14k Gold Wheat Chain Adjustable to 16, 17, and 18 inches

** PLEASE NOTE: This is the exact coin you will receive! As all of these ancient coins were made by hand (and have aged about 2,100 years), they all have unique shapes and printings; and are therefore one of a kind.

*** NOTE: Necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity.