Copyright, Privacy, & FAQ's

Purchasing MILLER MAE DESIGNS jewelry does not give you copyright ownership of said pieces - you did not design these pieces, and you did not make these pieces.  Our company name, MILLER MAE DESIGNS, LLC, and logo are registered trademarks bythe USA government, and cannot be used without permission.  Likewise, all photography and images as well as written content  are copyright property of MILLER MAE DESIGNS. We worked extremely hard to get our images the way we wanted them; please respect us by using/creating your own material, thank you!


1. Any and all personal information given to us will be used by us and us only.  We will never give out any billing information, shipping information, or email/contact information to any third party.  

2. Any comments you leave on our galleries or blogs are public and will always be public.  We reserve the right to moderate these forums in extreme circumstances.  

3. Any and all photos on our website may be reproduced onto social media or other sites; however, you must state that the jewelry and photography comes from MILLER MAE DESIGNS.  We hand-make all of our own pieces and take our own photos, so we ask that you give us credit for all of that hard work!  Should you use our photos in anyway that violates personal copyright policies, we will ask you to take them down.  Thank you!

Our jewelry is made from the highest quality of components (chain, gemstones, charms, etc.), but it still needs to be taken care of properly! Please don't wear our pieces while doing strenuous activities like exercising, sleeping, or swimming. Sleeping in your jewelry subjects it to unnecessary wear and tear. Likewise excessively sweating can wear the jewelry down faster over time. Chlorine is a HUGE problem for gold filled and gold plated jewelry. Please try to store the jewelry in cool/dry conditions - the box it comes in would work! 

The majority of our pieces are made using necklaces with natural gemstones and other natural materials. As a result, no two necklaces will be exactly the same. Any inclusions, lines, slight coloring variances are all a part of the stones' natural beauty, and do not decrease the value of the jewelry one bit.