Gems We Love for Spring - KYANITE

Multifaceted, blue and just otherwise simply stunning, Kyanite is a gemstone that we simply cannot get enough of in our Spring 2016 line.  Most of the worlds Kyanite is found and mined in the USA and Brazil.  It can be found in a multitude of colors ranging along the blue-green spectrum (although an orange variant was recently discovered in Tanzania).  

For this season, we've focused on the more traditional blue varieties; although as you can see, there is nothing traditional about this stone!  I've fallen in love the unusual straight crystallization that fuses the geometric with the organic in such an artistic way.  

For you metaphysical lovers out there*, Kyanite is unusually awesome in that it does not retain any negative energy - you'll never have to cleanse your stone or pendant.  It is also supposed to aid in meditation as the stone and its structure is all about energy alignment.  Understandably, this also helps in finding inner peace and balance.

Anyway, get excited as we're bring a multitude of beautiful Kyanite your way this Spring! (Sneak peek at a piece below!)

*Legal note stating that I am not suggesting metaphysical properties serve as a substitute for medical or health-related information.