The Bohemian Days of Summer

Summer says two things to us – ease and free spirited.  It seemed fitting to look back to the Bohemian and Tribal styles when looking to create a line of easy-wear bracelet sets.  These slip-on bracelets combine many different styles of beads and stones hailing from all over the world.  We have natural turquoise, coral, tiger’s eye, and lava.  There are handmade beads from Ghana, and hand-painted stones from Nepal.  For extra charm, we’ve added Nepalese Healing Pendants in Carnelian and Pearl, and brass handmade prayer counters and a lotus flower with an inscribed ohm symbol.

So come on over and mix and match these pieces to create the perfect set for summer.  We’ve created some pre made sets, but also have options for you to customize (and if you want anything completely different, we love working directly with our customers – it’s kind of a thing with us).  We love stacking these bracelets  up tall – how about you?