The Ethiopian Cross or Coptic Cross

From jewelry to fabric, it's safe to say that you've probably seen these symbols around the fashion world for about the past year.  As the Ethiopian cross becomes a part of mainstream fashion, it's important to know what we're wearing and why this symbol is important.  

The exotic design of the cross stems from the combination of the elaborate Christian Crosses and the stunning Egyptian Ankhs.  Ethiopia was the second country in Africa to convert to Christianity, and the Christian Orthodox faith has been a stronghold of the culture ever since.  In fact, Ethiopia has some the strongest roots in Christian faith across the world.   To wear the Ethiopian cross is a show of your unwavering faith - the designs representative of the beautiful hearts of those in the Ethiopian church.  The cross shows up in Ethiopian culture in three main forms: the processional cross, the hand cross, and the pendant cross; the pendant being the most popular as it is given to each person after their Baptism as a symbol of their faith.

These crosses have an anatomy as well, and the picture below outlines the most common structure of these crosses.

miller mae designs necklace-18 pic.jpg

As always, we promote fashion that is culturally aware - the symbolism of our pieces are just as important as their beauty.  As the world becomes more and more of a single, global civilization, it becomes important to share these cultures so as to hold onto them and to not lose them into obscurity.  

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